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We have seen in the chapter on Linear Programming Problems that one can conveniently solve problems with two variables. If we have more than two variables, the solution becomes very cumbersome and complicated. Thus, there is a limitation of LPP in solving all types of complex real life problems, where the variables are always more than two. For such linear programming problems solutions can be found with the help of simplex method.

Simplex method is an algebraic procedure in which a series of repetitive operations are used and we progressively approach the optimal solution. Thus, this procedure has a number of steps to find the solution to any problem, consisting of any number of variables and constraints, however problems with more than 4 variables cannot be solved manually and require the use of computer for solving them.

This method developed by the American mathematician G B Dantizg, can be used to solve any problem, which has a solution. The process of reaching the optimal solution through different stages is also called iterative, because the same computational steps are repeated a number of times before the optimum solution is reached.