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Though queuing theory provides us a scientific method of understanding the queues and solving such problems, the theory has certain limitations which must be understood while using the technique, some of these are :-

(a)             Mathematical distributions, which we assume while solving queuing theory problems, are only a close approximation of the behaviour of customers, time between their arrival and service time required by each customer.

(b)             Most of the real life queuing problems are complex situation and very difficult to use the queuing theory technique, even then uncertainty will remain.

(c)             Many situations in industry and service are multi-channel queuing problems. When a customer has been attended to and the service provided, it may still have to get some other service from another service and may have to fall in queue once again. Here the departure of one channel queue becomes the arrival of the other channel queue. In such situations the problem becomes still more difficult analyse.

Queuing model may not be the ideal method to solve certain very difficult and complex problems and one may have to resort to other techniques like Monte-Carlo simulation method.