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Terms and Condition

Please carefully read the terms and condition of the contract defined before signing up for our solutions. The contract clearly means out the circumstances regulating the nature of the goods and solutions offered by us and the following use of the same by you. The contract refers to the entire range of material of the web page under the URL, and or any other web page offered by us independently or jointly. By signing up for our solutions and becoming a participant, you stand to accept to our circumstances specified in our web page. Such circumstances are also appropriate for all the third parties and internet explorer of our websites. In situation you vary to accept to any of the circumstances described, please keep from applying with our solutions or using our web page for any reason at all.

Our solutions and Signing up –

We provide online training solutions through our platform’s user interface or other means and systems, as per the needs and requirements of our clients. To register to our solutions you must become a participant with us, for which you need to provide certain personal and cold details. The details offered by you should be precise, complete and latest for effective registration. In situation any such details is found to be wrong, we source the right to hold or cancel your account with/without notice.

Acceptance, Adjustment of Terms –

On effective application and payment of solutions, you shall be considered to have accepted the circumstances specified in our web page. However we source the right to make any changes to the already current circumstances of utilization, by changing, removing or presenting any new element which could may or may not have financial effects.

Restrictions and User Conduct –

As a participant or web browser you are not allowed to recreate any of our material without our written authorization. You can print small number of our Web-Pages subject to the condition that our site address or URL is described on each page printed.