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Test Questions

  1. What is meant by Depreciation ?
  2. Define Depreciation.
  3. What is meant by Fixed Assets ?
  4. What are the causes of providing Depreciation ?
  5. Briefly explain the various objectives of Depreciation.
  6. Describe the basic factors for calculating Depreciation.
  7. Describe the various methods for providing Depreciation.
  8. What is meant by straight line method of calculating Depreciation ?
  9. Depreciation is an apportionment of cost. Discusses and give the main problems which are faced in calculating the amount of Depreciation.
  10. Discusses the merits and demerits of various methods of calculating Depreciation.
  11. Depreciation is a source of fund ? Explain.
  12. ‘Depreciation Accounting is a process of allocation and not of valuation’ – Comment